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Graphics and pictures

Poster 2014
Logos 2014 PDF
Pictures, Oslo Mini Maker Faire, 2013

Oslo Mini Maker Faire, April 2013

Oslo Mini Maker Faire - documentary in 2 min
Oslo Mini Maker Faire - promo video

NRK reportages from 2013

Megafon: printing his own toys (in Norwegian)
Megafon: 3D-printer (in Norwegian)

International press coverage of Maker Faire

The festival draws a lot of attention from international press such as The Economist, Forbes, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, BBC, The New York Times.

Here is what the press writes about Maker Faire:

“The annual Maker Faire Bay Area... attracted thousands of visitors over the weekend, and...it now attracts the attention of mainstream manufacturing giants.”

Haydn Shaughnessy, Forbes, 21. mai 2012

“Makers, a new breed of inventor-builders, are... moving manufacturing off the factory floor and on to the desktop.”

Holly Finn, The Wall Street Journal, 5. oktober, 2012

“The Maker Faire is a glorious celebration of nerdiness.”

Paul Willis, CNN, 12. oktober, 2012

“Maker Faire has also replaced Macworld as the annual event most likely to indicate the immediate future of the advertising industry.”

Glen Emerson Morris, Advertising & Marketing Review, juni 2012

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