LØRDAG OG SØNDAG, KL. 11.00-18.00

Please touch the artwork

Einar is participating with eight artworks by 360 degrees recycled bicycle parts, with sharp political wit and irony.

  1. "Please touch the artwork" is made because I've always wanted to create something that goes around and around to no avail at all, in protest against any prohibition signs. It is interesting to observe the audience who read the title wrong, and how careful they are with really touching.

  2. "Without control, or The Norwegian Government" can not be described, must be seen.

  3. "Cyclibelle", a previously unknown bug, recycled by bicycle parts, soaring above the crowd.

  4. "Degeneration", a paraphrase of the uselessness of the consumer society.

  5. "The Biker Place in the Road", political resculpture.

  6. "Phoenix", also known as "fugl faen" and "faen skjære".

  7. "Bike Safe", Helianthus Shimanoensis, junk can brighten up the day.

  8. "Global warming", nothing can survive than flowers of steel.

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Einar Støp-Bowitz